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USB Controllers

NetChip™ USB Controllers offer superior performance, strict compliance to industry standards, and dramatic power savings. NetChip USB controllers are widely used in: printers, portable media players, GPS systems, TV tuners, PCs, laptops, notebooks, WLAN devices, mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders.

  • Fast Data Transfer Rates
  • Migration of PCI Designs to USB
  • Significant Power Savings
  • Smallest Footprint
  • Software-ready Solution

The Industry's Leading USB 2.0 Solutions

USB Controller CPU Interface USB Interface Performance Active Power Suspended Power I/O Voltage Packaging
NET 2272 8/16-bit; Async. Local Bus Peripheral Up to 40MB/sec 186mW 8.1µW 1.8V to 5V 10 x 10 64-pin TQFP
6 x 6 64-ball FBGA
NET 2282 32-bit; 66MHz, PCI v3.0 Compliant Peripheral Up to 40MB/sec 220mW 316µW 3.3V to 5V 14 x 14 120-pin TQFP
OXU210HP 16/32-bit; Local Bus Host (1) / Peripheral (1) Up to 40MB/sec 407mW 507uW 1.65V to 3.6V 7 x 7 84-ball BGA
14 x 14 128-pin LQFP

USB to PCI Express multi-port bridge

Part Number Dual USB 2.0 Host USB 2.0 & SPI/ SRAM HS USB 2.0 ULPI Port FS USB 2.0 Ply OHCI/EHCI Compliant USB Suspend/ Resume Internal Memory (kB) FIFO & Direct Modes Master & Slave Modes Max SPI (Mbps) Max SRAM (Mbytes/s) 950 UART GPIO Temp Range
OXPCIe200 Yes Yes H H Yes Yes 8 Yes Yes 60 25 Yes 8 I

I = Industrial Temperature (-40C - 85C)
H = Host

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